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Loretta Shadow Owens began painting in 1989. She enjoys working in both water media and oils and has a passion for the process of drawing and painting. This is a spiritual experience for her, where time becomes irrelevant. Her paintings and drawings sometimes cause smiles and even laughter among fellow artists and outsider viewers. Her debut showing of her art works was in May 2001 at the Townsend House during the Spring Artist Studio Tour in Ruston. Her drawing of Christ was published in a teaching book about compositions produced by M. Douglas Walton.


She is actively involved with her art and lives with her husband Jim on secluded north Louisiana farm where she lives. Loretta and Jim have 4 grown children; Jim and wife Megan, Megan and husband Geoff, Rob and Jonathan and wife Kacie. They have 7 grandchildren who have brought the family great joy. Loretta still spends time with her mother, Margaret Shadow, who was born in California in 1914.  Loretta travels with her husband throughout Louisiana and the United State with the Christian Motorcyclist Association.